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    Follow this link for COVID-19 updates
    Last updated – Monday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m.

    • Natalie Meisner named Calgary’s new Poet Laureate
      English professor aims to bring poetry to the people


    • Managing a supply chain through a pandemic
      Globalization complicating sourcing of products


    • Big moves towards tiny living
      Micro-apartments, tiny homes and granny flats make up an increasing number of options to meet the demand for smaller living


    • Healthy meals for health-care workers
      Alumnus-owned business feeding the frontlines


    • 2020 JMH LaunchPad inspires
      $80,000 in cash and services awarded to MRU students


    Professor’s expertise in gender-based violence sought by emergency planners

    Nursing prof advises agencies ahead of COVID-19 lockdowns

    Students head to Map the System national final

    Event will be held virtually from Montreal


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    Rooted in YYC

    Mount Royal grad grows local food and business


    This is research at Mount Royal

    Mount Royal University's professors are connecting with industry partners and their communities to challenge long-held beliefs, improve student wellness and introduce progressive policies for workplaces and the planet